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The Mission of the Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company (GESCOM) Limited is to ensure reliable quality power to its customers at competitive prices.

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Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited (GESCOM) has taken over the responsibility from KPTCL for the distribution of electricity in 6 districts and commenced its operations from 1st June 2002. Read more about us...

Pallavi Akurathi, IAS
Managing Director

Shri. M. Mahadev,
Director (Technical)


- : GESCOM Notifications :-

Notification of Posts Identified as Local Cadre for HKR Reservation Dt:10.04.2014  

Blacklisting the firm M/s Joy Electricals, Karwar.  

ORDER on M/s. Datta Sai Cement Concrete Products Karnool  

MTTP-2 Non Technical MR/OS/OPRT/ASK/Jr.MR Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotional Training from 26.03.2014 to 20.05.2014  

SAKALA information of GESCOM for the month of February-2014  

Standards Of Performance (SOP) of GESCOM for the month of February-2014  

Vendor Approved List of GESCOM  

Training for officials Under R-APDRP on Communication and Customer Relation form 13-15 March 2014 and 17-19 March 2014 at Corporate Office Gulbarga  

Supplementary Examination Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotional repeaters on 11.03.2014  

MTTP-2 and MTT-3 Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotion Examinational Result on 10.01.2014  

Tariff petition files by GESCOM: APR of FY-13, ARR for FY-15 and Expected Revenue from charges (ERC) for FY-15  

Compliances filed by GESCOM to the Preliminary observation made by KERC regarding Tariff filing FY-15  

Prepone Meeting on 01.02.2014  

Meeting on 01.02.2014  

Audited Annual Accounts FY-13  

Initiation of Process for Selection and appointment of Members of KERC  

Supplementary Examination for Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotional repeaters on 10.01.2014  

Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotion Examination Results 11.10.2013  

Tender Notification  

Provisional Selection List Candidates for Apprentices Training ITI Electrician/C.O.E 2013-14  

Standard Draft of Wheeling & Banking Agreement  

Rate Contract award of Energy Meters to M/s L&T  

M/s. Manas Electric Company  

Wheeling and Banking  

GESCOM Tariff order 2013.  

CGRF Order on Case No. 08/2010 of M/s Standard Electricals Gulbarga.  

CGRF Order on Case No. 09/2010 of M/s Chattinad Cement Corporation Ltd.  

CGRF Order on Case No. 09/2011 of M/s Karanja Industries Pvt Ltd.  

Implementation of Karnataka Electricity (Taxation on Consumption) Act 2013  

Installation of Energy Efficient 3-Star Rated Distribution Transformers in Respect of all the Self Execution Works  

Revoking of order on M/s. Sterlite Technologies Ltd. PUNE  

Supplementary Examination for Repeaters on 21.03.2013  

Blacklisting the firm M/s Sterlite Techonogies Ltd, Pune.  

List of beneficiaries for regularization of unauthorized I.P Sets  

Petition before KERC filed by GESCOM under MYT Principles for the year FY-14 to FY-16 and Revision of Tariff for FY-14  

Provisional Half Yearly Accounts H1 FY 13  

Annual report FY-12  

Adoption of Common Schedule of Rates-2013  

Revokeing the O.M Declaring as Defaulters to GESCOM

MEMO:Implementation of Closure Directions issued by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

Blacklisting the firm M/s Taruna Dechome Pvr, Ltd Bikaner.

Forfeiture of BG/Performance Guarantce, Blacklist & initiating legal action againest M/s Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd., Jaipur

Detailed Work Award for providing web based TRM services to Gulbarga Zone (LOT-1)

Detailed Work Award for providing web based TRM services to Bellary Zone (LOT-2)

Forfeiting of EMD and blacklisting of firms

Vendor registration Form

Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS)









TARIFF 2013 



Karnataka Rajostav Photos

Photos of Work Shop on TDS

Vendor Registration Form / List of Approved Vendor

A.L.M.Recruitment in GESCOM

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